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Portable1064 532nm Laser Tattoo Removal Equipment

Portable1064 532nm Laser Tattoo Removal Equipment

Large Image :  Portable1064 532nm Laser Tattoo Removal Equipment

Verified Supplier


Verified Supplier


Detailed Product Description
Power: 500 W Pulse Energy: 100 ~ 1500mj
Pulse Width: 3.5ns Type Of Laser: Q - Switched Nd : YAG Laser
Function: Tatoo Removal ,pigmentation ,acne Removal , Skin Rejuvennation Wavelength: Dual Wavelength 1064nm &532nm And 1320nm
Net Weight: 22Kg Dimension: 38*32*48 Cm
Facular Diameter: 1-6mm (adjustable)

Hima best portable1064 532nm high energy best clinic effect q switch Nd YAG laser tattoo removal machine


Application of q swithched nd yag laser tattoo removal machine:


ND YAG laser : tattoo/eye embroidery/eyeline/freckles removal and skin whitening.

1064nm wavelength: get rid of freckles and yellow brown spot, eyebrow tattoo, failed eye line tattoo, tattoo, Birthmark and Nevus of Ota, pigmentation and age spot, nevus in black and blue, scarlet red, deep coffee and etc. deep color.

532nm wavelength: get rid of freckles, eyebrow tattoo, failed eye line tattoo, tattoo , lips line, pigment, telangiectasia in shallow red, brown and pink and etc. light color. pigment removal.

1320nm Professional for skin rejuvenation and face deep cleaning , blackhead removal, skin tightening and whitening, skin rejuvenation.



Laser skin rejuvenation operation process:


1.Skin cleaning

2.Smear dedicated carbon

3.Treating with the laser

4.Skin care with mask after treatment


Portable1064 532nm Laser Tattoo Removal Equipment


Technical Specifications:


Type of Laser Q-switched Nd:YAG Laser
Wavelength Dual wavelength 1064nm and 532nm
Pulse Energy 100~1500 mj
Pulse Width 3.5ns
Power 500W
Facular Diameter 1~6mm(adjustable)
Pulse Frequency 1~10HZ(adjustable)
Power Supply AC 220V±10% 50HZ AC 110V±10% 60HZ
Net Weight 22kg
Dimension 38*32*48cm



Product Feature


1. Improved efficiency and providing the best solutions for non-burning on the hand-piece at all.

2. Long life Xenon Lamp, which is manufactured with US technology.

3. More stabile hand-piece structure.

4. Added infrared Guide light to aim to the target tissue correctly.

5. Portable design and easy operation makes it ideal for traveling services

6. Lower cost and wide range of applications / usages makes for a faster return on investment.





1. No injury to skin and hair follicle; no risk of scarring.

2. Instantaneous blasting high laser technology, international standard of production, technical test strictly.

3. Imported stone Q-switch cassette mechanism, the entire solid laser, without replacing Q-switch.

4. Painless treatment, little side-effect.

5. Colorful touch display, which is easy and visual to operate.



Advantages of q switch nd yag laser/laser tattoo removal machine/tattoo removal machine


1.10.4 inch touch screen, easy operation

2.Top quality Laser handles and spare parts (90% of them are imported from US Japan Germany)to ensure the machine have a normal operation and good performance

3.Free logo design and addition to the first screen

4.Good treatment effect


Portable1064 532nm Laser Tattoo Removal Equipment


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