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  • What is 808 diode laser

    What is 808 diode laser

    808nm diode laser is a laser beauty instrument used for hair remova.The 808nm diode laser is a laser beauty instrument used for hair removal. The 808nm diode laser system uses a gold standard laser with a wavelength of 808nm. Scope of application: permanently remove excess hair from various part...
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  • 5 in 1 Multi-Functional Combination System —– Shock Wave, RF Radio frequency, Vacuum Roller Massage

    Velashock platform combines RF Deep Tissue Massage System with shock wave therapy into a single equipment make a powerful combination for our patients by providing non-invasive fat reduction with skin tightening to achieve exceptional clinical outcomes. Clinical Proven Results The above tables sh...
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  • What is the principle of IPL beauty machine? which brand good? Will there be side effects?

    When people is 20 years old, they enter into the early old, a lot of friends having all sorts of problems began to appear on the face, dry, dark and yellow, oil is great, wrinkles, and so on, so they use the IPL skin rejuvenation machines, in this way to solve the symptom of face,  1, what is the...
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