6 In 1 Rf Cavitation Laser Slimming Machine


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MultiShape is a perfect combination of three machines’ technologies: Cavitation, Lipo Laser and Velashape. It gives fast solution to skin laxity, double chin, fat accumulation and cellulite through non-invasive treatment, and then achieve the effect of face slimming and body sculpting.

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Negative pressure radio head
Accelerate fat burning Reshape the body and face, the frequency of the machine hits the internal fat and accelerates the heating of the cell wall to makes fat burning.
40K fat exploding instrument
Crack fat
Effectively consume calories and cell moisture, make decrease fat cells. so that fat can be removed effectively.
Sextupole firming head
Massage the body
Promote natural resistance movement of subcutaneous tissue collagen protein proliferation, stimulate the loss of protein Lift and tighten body skin, long-lasting anti-aging.
Quadrapole Firming Head
Massage the face to promote collagen proliferation and stimulate Replenish lost protein, lift and firm
skin Achieve peeling effect and restore body skin elasticity.
Tripolar firming head
Massage the eye to increase collagen production and stimulate and replenish lose protein, improve and tighten facial skin effect.
Laser fat reduction board
Promote blood circulation
Promote blood circulation by breaking down fat accelerate the metabolism to achieve weight loss effect.
 Lipolaser+Cavitation + Vacuum+Rf Slimming  Machine
Up to 135W
Focused Technology
Vacuum + RF + Roller + LED +  Lipolaser+40KCavitation
RF Frequency
Infrared Lamp
Up to 20W
Electrical Requirements
100-240VAC, 20A max., 50/60Hz
Total diodes
Hot Sell Vacuum 40K Cavitation Rf Body Slimming Ultrasound 6 in 1 Weight Loss Lipolaser Beauty Machine: 

Give your patients what they want:
1. The assurance of proven results. With over 10 years of clinical experience, and the most published studies of any medical body shaping device, Synergy is one of the most recognized non-invasive body shaping treatments on the market today. 2. Comfort. 40K Cavitation procedure is comfortable like hot stone massage. 3.Convenience. 40K Cavitation procedure often takes under an hour. And the button and screen of handle make operate easily . 4. All-season treatment. 40K Cavitation can be used on all skin types in any season and any climate.

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