Portable 7 In 1 H2O2 Hydra Aqua Peel Machine


Short Description:

Skin detecting & analyzing
Skin lifting & tightening
Blackhead removal
Skin deep cleaning
Skin moisturizing
Wrinkle reducing
Skin brightening
Pore shrinking

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Portable 7 In 1 H2O2 Hydra Aqua Peel Machine Video Show

 Working Principle


1.Bi-pole RF: penetrating the barrier of epidermal basal melanophore, heating the dermal collagen fibers to 55℃-65℃ to accelerate contraction.
2.Ultrasonic: activating cells, accelerating metabolism and promoting cell permeability thus helping lead in and absorb skin care product and achieve skin beauty.
3.Vibration: stimulating and relaxing skin, cleaning, removing dead skin and blackhead.
4.H2 / O2 spray: producing oxyhydrogen combined with essence, quickly penetrating dermis through high pressure injection to provide nutrients thus reduce wrinkles, whiten, brighten and rejuvenate skin.
5.Water dermabrasion + vacuum cleaning: cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration and antioxidant protection simultaneously, combining vacuum to suck out dirt.
6.Cold hammer: shrinking pores, enhancing collagen fiber, constricting blood vessels to tighten and soothe skin, maintain elasticity, reduce wrinkles and redness.
7.LED mask: Lights of different wavelengths penetrating skin layers of different depths, accelerating the regeneration of cells and collagen so as to solve various skin problems and realize skin rejuvenation.

hydro facial machine


hydro facial machine2

Skin Scrubber Vibration Cleaning
Remove black head, remove skin grease dirty, improve oily skin, deep skin cleaning,increse skin elassticity,improve complexion.

High Polymer Water Oxgen

Skin rejuvenation,shrink skin pores.

Hydro Dermabrasion Cleaning
Skin deep permeate,skin repair.

Replenish skin oxygen and water skin rejuvenation, fast inject inutrient to skin increase cell activity.

Cold Hammer
Remove dead skin, improve skin into teh dermis.

Bi-polar RF
RF Skin tightening, stimulate collagen regeneration.

hydro facial machine3

hydro facial machine4


1) All-in-one: This product integrates skin detection, customized beauty solutions, product launches; basic beauty care,
cuticlekeratin cleansing, deep cleansing, Deep hydration and nourishment, anti-aging maintenance, sedative maintenance and other
functions are all in one. One machine has multiple functions and the market demand is great.
2) High comfort: The design of the handle conforms to the principles of ergonomics, and the material is skin-friendly and
3) Functional principle: The core principle of this product is 3 spectrum sampling, AI intelligent skin measurement, AIintelligent
product push, AI beauty program customization; six major care Functions: “ultrasonic spatula”, “big bubble”, “nano atomization”,
“ultrasonic”, “golden radio frequency”, “ice-seal repair”.
4) Simple operation: AI intelligent analysis, convenient operation, easy to use, no surgery, no skin breaking, strong safety.

Oxygen Facial Machine3


hydro facial machine5

hydro facial machine6

Technical Parameters
Vacuum range
Cold Hammer
0 degree to 5 degree
RF frequency
Ultrasonic Frequency
Cold hammer
Water-cooled & air-cooled (energy level 10 adjustment)
10.1 inch computer touch screen
Input voltage
110-240V 50-60HZ 150AV

Diversity of customized service, strong OEM & ODM capability available


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