On December 12, KES overseas Business department organized a team building activities ski activities, during the COVID-19 epidemic, hope that all staff can keep strong and healthy, insist in doing exercise, resist the cold and virus, continuing offer better service for overseas customers.

Winter is coming, beautiful Beijing also welcomes fluttering snowflakes, staff from KES enjoyed the carnival in the world of ice and snow. They were skiing happily, playing snowball fights, feeling the speed and passion of the extreme snow experience in Beijing Pinggu Yuyang ski resort.

Skiing is a typical winter outdoor sport with strong stimulation.Ski process, as long as on the skis stand posture, and through the cooperation of hands and feet, plus superb technology, you can spin jump on the snow!

Ski team building activities, make the staff to strengthen the team work spirit on consciousness in the competitive, mutual cooperation, complete confrontation, let each staff get to know each other well, study to better understand the company’s corporate culture, at the same time, appreciate the snow let each employee feel fully care for employees and their ability to contribute to the company’s next development.

KES offers N95 masks for free and deliver them with the orders. 

Post time: Dec-17-2020

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