What is 808nm diode laser hair removal machine ?
808nm diode laser hair removal laser system design using 808nm depilator gold standard requirements laser.The near-infrared light emitted by the laser can penetrate the hair root, heat the pigment and diffuse to the whole hair follicle, so that its development can more accurately destroy the hair follicle, and will not damage the adjacent tissues, and long-term hair removal.


808nm diode laser hair removal principle
1.808nm diode laser is applied to the skin surface.The laser passes through the skin to a higher concentration of melanin in the hair shaft.
2. By converting light energy into heat energy, the hair rod and most of the hair can evaporate instantly.Then through the high temperature working environment factors on the hair, also destroyed the follicular epithelium, hair upper structure disappeared.
3. Hair cycle is divided into growing period, declining period and dormant period. Hair follicle hair removal effect is better during the growing period, but only 10%-20% of hair is in the growing period, so it is necessary to remove hair according to the treatment course.
808nm hair removal apparatus for the main economic development of hair removal apparatus has advantages:
Painless hair removal: unique dynamic data for frozen environment resource protection enterprise management control system, so that the skin epidermis cooling to 5 degrees, effectively improve the information to protect our own skin can not be damaged, feel fresh, no burning pain;
Fast hair removal: there are 10*10nm large light spot, eliminating the traditional Chinese research laser through the circular light spot can form.And dead zone, can quickly carry out a large area of hair removal;
Ease of hair removal: direct hair follicle melanin, less energy absorption of the skin, so that the surrounding tissue is not lost, will not produce inflammation and melanosis;
Long hair removal: carefully designed laser pulse can directly enter the subcutaneous layer, the hair and hair follicle in the melanin particles are absorbed, resulting in photothermal effect, damage the hair follicle and hair stem, resulting in long hair removal;
Whitening and tender skin: aggregation of the development of Chinese cultural tradition, social history, freezing point hair removal all of our technical advantages, powerful functions, not only can be hair removal can also achieve tender skin whitening, firming skin.


Does it work just once?
According to experts, 808nm depilator freezing point painless depilation way general enterprises need three to five times to appear depilation.There are two reasons:
1. through the hair follicles, most of them have a bundle of three representatives together, the pores open in the same place, and the pores are growing in one of the follicles in the group of hairs underneath it, therefore, at once.Damage to only one set of hair follicles;

2. hair growth needs to go through the growth period, degradation period, rest period, in the hair growth period to do 808 painless hair removal is 75% effective, degradation period is 25%, rest period is almost invalid.
Is there damage to the skin?

No damage.The human skin is a relatively transparent structure.Plastic surgeons have discovered that when faced with a powerful laser, the skin is just a transparent piece of cellophane, so the laser can penetrate the hair follicles deep inside the skin very smoothly.As a single 808 wavelength, the 808nm depilator can better remove hair.
After shedding, can the hair become more and more black development?
After laser or bright light treatment, the remaining hair becomes lighter, not darker.
And shaving, unplug hair, depilation cream, wax paper depilation, after long-term use, hair can begin gradually coarser, stiffer, blacker.

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