Medical CE 808 diode laser hair removal system


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Medical CE 808 diode laser hair removal system Working Theory

Laser hair removal is a safe and effective procedure. Diode Laser uses a concentrated beam of light (laser) to treat unwanted hair. The diode laser targets the pigmentation in the hair follicle. This damage inhibits or delays future hair growth.
Using light selective absorption, the laser has 2 performance on target and surrounding areas. The heat and energy work on the follicle, destroying the areas where produce the hair. The surrounding tissue will not be harmed.
We need multiple treatments for laser hair removal because hair growth has a cycle. The hair stems from the follicle will lose its course texture after every treatment. Meanwhile, hair growth speed becomes slower.

Diode laser
Is laser hair removal treatment effective?
The answer is Yes. Diode lasers are safe and effective for hair reduction or depilation. The 808nm diode laser wavelength is the golden standard for hair removal. Side effects after diode laser treatment may happen but these are transient.
The Diode laser is the best for all six skin types based on long term use and safety. It is especially effective in people with skin types I to IV and even works on fine hair.

808 diode laser


Medical CE 808 diode laser hair removal system Specification

Model NO. MED-808m
Laser Type High Power Diodes/Laser Hair Removal Machine Cost
Wavelength 808nm Standard755nm, 1064nm, Tri-wavelength optionalChangeable Spot size 9*9, 12*12, 12*18 optional
Spot Size 12*12mm²
Repetition Rate up to 10HZ
Fluence 10-125J/CM2
Pulse Width 10-400ms
Peak Power 2500W
Platform Specifification 100-240VAC 12A MAX/50-60HZ
Net Weight 27KG
Dimension 397mm*357mm*463mm

Diode laser hair removal results
The diode laser treatment results are permanent. The hair will not grow.


Permanent hair removal(skin type I-VI)
Whole body hair removal
Skin rejuvenation



laser hair removal


Package  Standard Flight Case
Delivery  Within 3-4 Working Days
Shipment  Door to door(DHL/TNT/UPS/FEDEX…), By air, By sea


KES Factory



1. Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
We are a manufacturer, providing OEM & ODM service.

2. What kind of transportation can you provide?
We provide free shipping by sea or train. The goods can be delivered to the door for free. If you need other transportation methods, please consult customer service for details.

3. How long does it take to transport?
Under normal circumstances, shipping by sea takes 25 to 35 days (including the United States, Europe, etc.).

4. When can I send the machine after payment?
After you pay, we will send you the machine within 3-7 business days.

5. Do you have any warranty?
Yes, we have. Our machines’standard warranty period is 1 year. Handle accessories and other items are guaranteed for 3 months. If there is a problem, please contact us in time, we will have a professional engineer to deal with it for you.

6. How is your after-sales service?
We have a professional technical support team to provide you with timely service. You can get the help you need by phone, webcam, online chat (whatsapp, wechat, email). Please contact us if there is a problem with the machine. Will provide the best service.

7. How would you teach the machine?
Yes, we can provide complete user manuals and use videos for guidance and application. The 24/7 online advisory service ensures that you can solve any problem and solve it easily if you encounter it. Anyone with instructions can do it with ease.

8. Why choose us?
Strong factory, competitive price and best technical support,10 years of experience in beauty machine production, strong R&D 1 year warranty and 8/24 online after-sales service CE certification, which is the key to your legal use and sales of machines The diversity of custom services, powerful OEM and ODM features are available.

9. How is the packaging?
A wooden box/carton/aluminum box (standard export package with full foam or pearl cotton) can be used.

10. What is the payment method?
Our payment methods support: Alibaba, T/T, Western Union, bank transfer, PayPal payment. Please choose the method that works best for you.



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