Ipl Shr Laser Beauty Salon Machine

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Ipl Shr Laser Beauty Salon Machine

Working Principle 

IPL works on the theory of photothermolysis. This occurs when light is absorbed into excess melanin (dark pigment) in your skin and haemoglobin (red colour of your blood vessels). Cold gel is applied to the skin and your eyes are protected. The smooth glass surface of the hand piece is gently placed on your skin and pulses of light are applied.  In the skin, the light converts to heat, which damages the abnormal dark or red skin cells whilst leaving the sur-rounding skin less affected. The pigment cells will natu-rally move toward the surface of the skin and slough off leaving a lighter, less visible lesion. The red lesions (veins, rosacea) will gradually fade over time.


Technical parameters 

Wavelength (Spectrum) 430/530/640-1200nm (standard)480/560/590/690/750-1200nm (optional)
Energy Density (Fluence) 10-60J/cm2
RF Energy Up to 50W
Spot Size 15x35mm² interchangeable
Pulse Repetition Rate 0.2Hz; 2Hz
Pulse Duration 0.5-15ms
Pulse Delay 1-50ms
Pulses 1-15 pulses
IPL Peak Power 1400w
RF Power Max. 100W
Cooling Continuous Crystal contact cooling (-4℃~2℃ ) + Air cooling + Closed water circulation cooling
Stand-by Working Continuously for 18 hours
Display 8.4″ True Color LCD Touch Screen
Electrical Requirements 100-240VAC, 20A max., 50/60Hz
Net Weight 27 kgs
Dimensions (WxDxH) 69*62*59cm



1.Quality Assurance TUV Medical CE, CFDA and American FDA-cleared, ensure safe operating and excellent quality.

2.Germany Imported Xenon Lamp

3.Japan Imported Capacitors

4.Intelligent Software,Simple mode for beginners, can get Pre-set parameters automatically according to skin types, hair density, colors and thickness.







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