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EMS Weight Loss Muscle Stimulator: Unlocking the Science Behind Effective Fitness Solutions, the non-invasive nature of the KES muscle-building and fat-burning machine ensures you can enjoy the benefits without any pain or discomfort. Unlike invasive surgeries or surgeries, this machine allows you to build muscle and burn fat in most advanced technology, without incisions or recovery periods.


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EMS Sculpting Muscle Stimulating Machine Introduction

The world of fitness and weight loss continues to evolve and adapt to the ever-increasing demands of our busy lifestyles. We’re constantly looking for efficient and effective ways to stay healthy, build muscle and lose excess weight. The EMS Weight Loss Muscle Stimulator Machine is a remarkable invention that revolutionized the fitness industry. This cutting-edge technology combines the benefits of Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) with targeted body sculpting to deliver incredible results.



EMS Sculpting Muscle Stimulating Machine Specification

Product name HIFEM Beauty muscle instrument
Model NO. MED-380Neo
Screen Size 15.6”Touch Screen
Handpiece 4; (2 handpiece I; 2 handpiece II)
Energy 13 Tesla
Inductance Value 30uH
Working Mode 2; Automatic & Professional
Output power 4000VA
Frequency 5-100Hz
Voltage AC 220V/110V±10% 50/60Hz
Machine size 350x460x1190mm
Net Weight 63kg


The science behind this extraordinary machine lies in the inner workings of our muscles. When exposed to the EMS Weight Loss Muscle Stimulator, muscle fibers respond through deep remodeling. This process is characterized by an increase in myofibrils, leading to muscle hypertrophy. Additionally, new protein chains and muscle fibers are produced (muscle hyperplasia), which increases muscle tone and strength.


EMS Sculpting Muscle Stimulating Machine Advantages

1. 15.6inch touch screen Free Sliding operation 45°adjustable for best viewing 45°

2. DoubleLED screen display handpiece, Easy&convenient

3.Software system=security measures, Continuous monitoring of water flow, water temperature,handletemperature communication-abnormal and automatic shutdown

Verticle RF EMS Muscle Building Machine has strong energy, over 13 Tesla.

Adpopting the second generation 30uh inductance coil.

11.6 inch big screen IPS high resolution New Ul Prfessional OEM ODM service

Touch screen to adjust on Handle, more convenient for the treatment

Muscle more 40% ,Fat reduction 50% ,customer satisfaction more than 95%, It can be used for Abdomen, arm, shoulder , legs ,hips




New EMS Muscle Stamulating Machine Working Theory


This technique has many benefits besides weight loss and muscle building. It helps improve blood circulation and metabolism, contributes to overall health and enhances physiological functions. Additionally, it can help reduce cellulite because deep muscle stimulation promotes lymphatic drainage, which helps remove accumulated toxins and excess fluid.





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