Coolsculpting cryo fat removal Machine For Body Shaping and muscle build


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Application: Cryo Fat Freezing, Cellulite Reduction, Body Contouring, Facial Lifting and Body Tightening

Features: 1. 4 handpieces can work together. 2. Soft silicone handpieces , safe and comfortable feeling. 3. Advanced Massage function, no burning mark. 4. LCD screen control on handpieces, convevient operating. 5. Free LOGO display on screen.

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Cryolipolysis freezing slimming machine Using a Non-invasive treatments are designed to precisely deliver “freezing effect” to the location of fat accumulation in the body and target stubborn fat cells. Fat cells are more susceptible to freezing than other surrounding tissues. Fat cells freeze and decompose at 4 ° C, while other cells in the vicinity of fat cells die at 0 ° C, so fat cells can be safely eliminated without damaging skin and surrounding tissues.



1. 360° Cooling System: Double cooling plates per side, 100% cooling area on skin which is 1.6 times than others, results are even faster.

2. Four handles work together: Guarantee treatment results and decrease 50% treatment time.

3. Unique Silicone-Contact-cooling: Silicone-Contact-Cooling plus Real-Time temperature calibration. Double safe guarantee and more effective. Say goodbye to Metal-Contact-Cooling which with high burning risk.
4. Independent Modular Design: Modular design ensure easy and convenient maintenance. Independent water and electrical circulation avoid short circuit caused by water leakage
Power 1200W
Cooling power 800w
Technology Cryolipolysis+Vacuum+LED
Delivery Type Pulse CW
Pump Suction Rate 1-10 level adjustable
Blue light up to 2W
Cooling (-10℃~0℃)
Stand-by Working Continuously for 18 hours (indoor temperature 25℃)
Handpieces 2xCryolipolysis+Vacuum(170x60x55mm)   1xCryolipolysis+Vacuum(130x60x55mm)   1xCryolipolysis+Vacuum(210x60x55mm)

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