portable hydradermabrasion h2o2 small bubble facial machine


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2020 amazon bestseller portable hydradermabrasion h2o2 small bubble facial machine 

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Hydrogen and oxygen small bubble beauty instrument uses non-invasive beauty, combined with vortex technology instrument, help skin deep purification + skin nourishing, remove old
waste horniness, at the same time for the skin into essence ingredients, zero pain, zero repair period, rapid restoration of healthy beauty muscle.
Hydrogen bubble beauty instrument using ultra small bubbles and negative pressure, the combination of oxygen and nutrients can be by the skin in the form of spray penetration
into the dermis, on the one hand, for the skin absorbed oxygen can accelerate skin cell renewal, adsorption pores oil and residual cosmetics, on the other hand build nourishment
for the skin library, make the skin keep water embellish elasticity for a long time… A Korean Skin Management bubble treatment can effectively remove blackheads, shrink pores,
brighten skin tone, improve skin tone, maintain skin oil and water balance, repair damaged skin, eliminate fine lines. Every ten days for a small bubble for dark dumb, rough skin,
can mention a very good improvement, suitable for all kinds of people.

hydro facial machine

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hydro facial skin rejuvenation machine2

Hydrogen bubble beauty instrument is formed by vacuum negative pressure vacuum circuit, the superfine combination of the tiny bubbles and nutrient solution, through the special design of small spiral shampoo direct effects on the skin, and can keep ultra small bubbles in contact with the skin for a long time, promote the exfoliation, combined with adsorption, ultra small bubbles in the absence of pain, that can deep cleansing, Remove aged keratinocytes, remove sebum, remove various impurities, mites and oil residues in the hair follicle funnel, meanwhile make the hair follicle funnel full of nutrients, provide lasting nutrition for the skin, make the skin moist, delicate and shiny.
Previously, Korean scholars said that hydrogen water bath has a counter effect on human skin wrinkles, here the use of animal models to further prove this effect. A team of South Korean researchers reported that bathing mice in “hydrogen water” had an ideal therapeutic effect on skin damage caused by ultraviolet light, which has been linked to reduced oxidative damage and inflammation. They also found increased levels of antioxidants, such as glutathione, in the skin of mice bathed in hydrogen water.


logo1  portable hydradermabrasion h2o2 small bubble facial machine 

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As a professional manufacturer, we provide follow services:

1.  Lower price for sample home Ultherapy HIFU machine, Competitive prices for distributors

2.  ONE year warranty and life time maintenance

3.  In time delivery.

4.  High Quality assurance.

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Package Ultherapy HIFU
Delivery Within 7-10 working days
Shipment Door to door(DHL/TNT/UPS/FEDEX/EMS…), By air, By sea

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