14 in 1 Hydra facial Multifunctional PDT Machine


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13 in 1 pure water oxygen RF ultrasound Hydrodermabrasion oxygen jet facial machine with PDT for spa salon

Hydra Oxygen Elf
Mutil-function Skin
Care Machine
14 Functions In 1

Full Range Care for
Face +Body + Scalp
energy stronger
deep skin care
4 major PDT lights

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14 in 1 Hydra facial Multifunctional PDT Machine


Launching the latest innovation in skin care technology – 13-in-1 Pure Water Oxygen Radio Frequency Ultrasonic Hydrodermabrasion Oxygen Jet Facial Machine with PDT. This versatile machine is a must-have for spa salons looking to provide their clients with comprehensive skin care treatments.

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The Hydra Oxygen Elf machine offers 14-in-1 functionality, making it the ultimate skin care solution for face, body and scalp. Its advanced technology combines the power of pure water oxygen, radio frequency ultrasound, hydrodermabrasion, oxygen jets and PDT light to deliver unparalleled results.



14 in 1 Hydra facial Multifunctional PDT Machine Specification

Place of Origin China
Brand Name KES
Model Number PDT-H
Feature Pigment Removal,Skin Tightening,
Whitening,Skin Rejuvenation,Acne
Treatment,Dark CirclesWrinkle Remover
Application For Commercial
Warranty 1 Year
After-sales Service Video technical support,Field installation,
Provided commissioning and training,Online support
Handle quantity 14 PCS(Optional PDT Therapy Lamp)
Hydra dermabrasion tip 8 PCS (4 hard tips& 4 soft tips)
Vacuum 100KPa
Adjustable temperature -10℃~+50°℃
Voltage 220V/60HZ
Touch screen 10.1-inch touch screen
Power 250W


Users Feedback Shows
Visible Skin Improvement
mprovement in Facial Contou
Tighter Facial Skin
Reduction in Facial Pore Count
Test data is sourced from users of the Hydr Oxygen Elf Mutil-function Skin Care Machine.
As everyone’s skin textues and tolerances are different, effects may be various.



One of the standout features of this machine is its deep skin care capabilities. Pure water oxygen and radio frequency ultrasound functions work together to penetrate the skin more deeply, delivering nutrients and oxygen to skin cells, leaving the complexion refreshed. This deep skin care treatment is great for targeting fine lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone.


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